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Simplifying the Complexity of Deferred Compensation


We believe employers succeed when they attract top-ranked talent. Continued success requires retaining such hard-won people, especially in a tight job market.

That means helping companies differentiate their total rewards package in the eyes of their most valuable employees.

We at Fortecy help clients set themselves apart from other employers who focus solely on salary, bonus and equity rewards.



The Fourth Pillar

In addition to salary, bonus and equity, the Fortecy approach adds a fourth pillar to support the long-term financial wellness of key employees: superior design of non-qualified plans coupled with crucial education and support of plan participants.

Because employees won’t value a plan they don’t understand.

At Fortecy, our mission is guidance and education on deferred compensation strategies to ensure the highly compensated continue to enjoy bright futures.


Transparency Above All Else

“For too long,” Founder Scott Holton believes, “the creation of deferred comp for executives has been driven by funding strategies. That’s completely backwards. Rather than begin with a financial product in mind, the focus must be squarely on the multitude of objectives that deferred compensation can accomplish for an employer.”

Our transparent process helps companies attain results-driven design coupled with prudent funding. Then, we personally educate key employees so they will understand and use and treasure this powerful benefit designed exclusively for them.

Scott and his team truly collaborate on what we’re trying to accomplish. He gets us to think about all the short- and long-term impacts of our choices. It’s clear they are always trying to help us make the best decisions, not just steer us one way or the other

– Compensation & Benefits Executive




“Any Deferred Compensation Plan we create will be designed solely to fulfil the objectives of the employer and needs of the users, without any conflicts of interest.

Though the term Fiduciary does not legally apply in the non-qualified plan sector, we hold ourselves to this high standard.”

Meet the Fortecy Team

Scott Holton

Managing Director

Scott has been guiding clients on executive compensation and benefits for over two decades. In that time he has helped shift the focus of non-qualified plan design away from the funding mechanisms and toward how each plan can best incentivize key employees.
His holistic approach stems from developing long-term relationships with the entire range of clients – from C-suite officers and Boards of Fortune 100-sized companies down to closely-held small businesses.

Q: What past experiences best help you relate to your clients?

“Engaging with such a broad range of clients has allowed me to deeply understand how needs vary, objectives vary, and my approach needs to vary.  It has taught me over time that as a consultant, each situation is different. To be the most effective means to be nimble, flexible and adapt to the situation and environment of each client.”

Q: What do you love to do in your free time outside of work?

“When you have three adolescent daughters, does “free time” really exist? My time away from work primarily consists of bouncing from one event to another, and doing my best not to embarrass them too much. On the off occasion that there isn’t a game or school function to attend, I enjoy playing golf…but as my game indicates, that isn’t happening
very often nowadays. Oh, and I do love my Cleveland Browns – it’s finally nice to not be ashamed to admit that!”


Principal and Executive Benefits Consultant – The Todd Organization, 2003 – 2019

President – The Todd Organization, (Cleveland, OH) 2014 – 2018

Executive Compensation Consultant – Hewitt Associates (Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA) 1996 – 2003



BS in Finance – Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

BA in Psychology – Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

Michael Cawley

VP, Consulting & Concierge Services

For over a decade, Mike has been helping clients on a daily basis to improve their non-qualified deferred compensation plan experience. He has worked closely to identify, avoid and resolve potential plan challenges.

Now he works extensively with companies of all sizes across the nation to develop the best possible executive benefit plan for each.

Whether it’s conducting extensive market research or developing relationships with industry partners, Mike is continually expanding the tools and knowledge sources available to Fortecy clients and their key employees.

Q: What past experiences best help you relate to your clients?

“Pretty much every time I connect a client with an idea or solution they may not have otherwise considered. It always serves as a reminder for me as well, to keep looking for solutions that I’ve not yet discovered myself. When our curiosity ends, all growth comes to a stop.”

Q: What do you love to do outside of work?

“I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kristin and our one-year old daughter, Brynn. I am also an AVID golfer. If I’m not at work, or spending time with my family, I’m probably doing something golf related… which requires some creativity during the winter months in Cleveland!”

Q: If not this profession, what would you be doing instead?

“I think I would be involved in the golf world. Perhaps helping to produce golf events, or even owning a business that serves the needs of golfers.”


Sr. Consultant – The Todd Organization, (Cleveland, OH) 2011 – 2019

Client Relationship Manager – The Todd Organization, 2007 – 2010



BS in Business Administration, concentration in Finance – Elon University

Our Support Team

Stacey Kloepfer

Marketing & Client Concierge Associate

Michael McClary, MBA

Chief Investment Officer

Caleb Nitz, CFP®

Vice President, Business Development

Keith Miller, MBA, CLU, ChFC®

Vice President, Insurance Planning

Jamie Summerville, MBA

Vice President, Communications

Zach Hurst, CFP®

Director, Financial Planning

Phil Jackson, MBA, CLU®, CFP®

Director, Insurance Planning

Tyler Denholm, CFA

Vice President, Investment Management & Research

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